Use the phone’s camera as a Wireless WebCam.

Use your phone’s camera as a wireless webcam in your Windows PC or Mac. Install Webcam for Windows, Mac or Linux, download Iriun Webcam app to your mobile phone from play store or Apple store.

How to use webcam?
  1. Launch Iriun Webcam app in your phone.
  2. Start Iriun Webcam Server on your PC.
  3. The phone is connected automatically to your PC using wireless WiFi network and the camera is ready to use.
  4. Configure the Windows application to use Iriun Webcam as required source for audio and video.


How to setting Iriun WebCam App?

School Management System

What is School Management System?

A School Management System is an information management system for educational institutions to manage all student's data. It provides abilities such as registration of students and attendance in classes, documenting of grades and analytical marks of each student and other evaluation elements.

How to create Advanced School Management Web Site?

Advanced Web-based student management system. Easy to view Online learning, Online exams, Fee payment, Reports. Attendance and Notice.

Electronic Signature

What is Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a legal way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms. It's called a soft copy of documents. One of the most relied upon definitions of an electronic signature is "an electronic symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record…adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.

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